One Of Millions transforms, uplifts, assists and empowers those neglected by the systems in place in our society.

Focussing on empowering the ONE of millions in need by creating opportunities where that ONE can access the necessary resources and skills required.

Objectives  include:

  •  Education and training  for unskilled adults.   Self Empowerment through basic reading, mathematics literacy, computer literacy and communication skills.
  • One on one, groups, corporate training and in colleges
  • Contracts with individuals, small businesses, Community based organisations, Non profit organisations  who require one or more resources in the following fields:
    • marketing,
    • finance,
    • administration,
    • education and training,
    • counselling,
    • research,
    • planning and strategizing,
    • advocacy,
    • project and programme design, plan, implement, management, moinitor and evaluate.
      • Horti/permaculture incorporating food security

One of Millions beneficiaries will be empowered to:

  • grow their own networks,
  • gain further knowledge,
  • resource their own intiatives,
  • become self sustainable where burdens of finance is a thing of the past
  • share with other ‘One’s of Millions’ trapped and forgotten by society showing them how they too can become uplifted to better places.

One Of Millions guarantees transparent, accountable and successful completion of projects and contracts within the agreed time frame according to the requirements  specified by contractors.


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