Owner run

One of Millions is  an owner managed organisation, operating since June 2005.

Collaborating with individuals, small businesses, community based, non profit organisations  builds One Of Millions capacity to show visible impact in results.

One Of Millions is simply the vehicle for the target group on the journey to transformation resulting in empowerment, upliftment, equality and ultimately, sustainability.

Although One Of Millions intends to take on more contracts, the core will remain a  stable base because the target groups will take ownership of the projects and programmes.

One of Millions acts in an advisory, supportive, capacity training, guiding, monitoring and evaluating role in all projects.  End user or grass roots participation is the most important requirement of each project/contract.

Staff and volunteers are usually recruited by the target group from within their community either on a contractual basis for specific tasks of the project or they fully employed.

One Of Millions  guides the target group thus ensuring that transparency and compliance prevails.

Contracts have been with

  • Children’s Homes OVC’s
  • NGO’s
  • CBO’s
  • Individuals
  • Refugees
  • Young adults
  • PLWA
  • Corporate Companies

The environment dictates which of the ONE of millions becomes the target to be assisted.


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